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The Blue Max under construction features a vacuum bagged foam wing and stab. Projected weight is 62 oz. The Blue Max is a design by Kaz Minato. I altered the wing tips to favor my previous Chiros design.


This picture of Bob Hunts airplane was taken by Dick Byron.  Dick has a web page titled Big D Aero Art with some fantastic shots like the one above.  To see more shots like the one above visit Big D Aero Art web page by clicking here.  


The tail section of Chiros.  The lettering is Letraset rub on lettering available at art stores.  When spraying clear dope over the letters you should start with a few light mist coats before applying a wet coat.  If the dope goes on wet initially the letters will curl or melt.  Once the clear is on and dry for a few weeks proceed with wet sanding and buffing.


  A single adjustment leadout guide.  

Beautiful T Bird 2 built by Mark Gerber from Tom Dixon plans.  Mark used equal span wings and lengthened the tail by 2 inches.  Len Harding was kind enough to loan Mark a Super Tigre 46,  Veco spinner and wheels for this model. Veco decal was provided by Bob Palmer along with his autograph for the model at the VSC in 1997.


Bruce Perry's Lemon.  I believe there is a fuse gear but it was in the shadow and wasn't visible when editing the picture.  Eye catching airplane with a bright paint scheme.








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