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Welcome to Winship Models Control Line web site. 

Due to time restraints I have decided to sell some of the items offered in the past on a "as available basis" instead of on demand. Some of the items for sale will be carbon fiber landing gear, carbon fiber bellcranks, control horns, vacuum bagged foam wings or other composite items. By making items at my convenience in batches it will allow me to continue R&D of future items and still offer some items on a limited basis. Eventually I hope to stock a large enough quantity of different items so that most of what I can make will be in stock. 


Fellowship of Christian Modelers Championships 2003


FAI Team Trials 2003


SOLD OUT 3 carbon fiber 4" bellcranks with or without leadouts. Carbon Fiber Bellcrank $20.00 each. Carbon Fiber Bellcrank with Leadouts $25.00 each. To order please email. Shipping charges added and are actual charges incurred. Accepting checks or money orders.


Check Out The R/C Page For More Info, Tips, Etc.

















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