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Some Of My Favorite Sites


CLAPA WEBSITE CLAPA (Control Line Aerobatic Pilots Association) is a UK based group similar to PAMPA and has special interest group status with the BMFA (British Model Flying Association) with responsibility for all domestic control line aerobatics events that fall under the jurisdiction of the BMFA. This site is well done and is worth the visit.

"MASTER C/L LINK SITE" This site is somewhat self explanatory. The site contains links to other home pages and manufacturers relating to control line airplanes. A great site with a lot of coverage. Maintained by Phil Brown.
Kaz Minato'sWorldKaz Minato's World is a web page by one of Japans top fliers. A great site with lots of pictures.
PAMPA produces one of the best bi-monthly special interest magazines available. The magazine covers the whole spectrum of control line aerobatics from old time to modern precision aerobatics. From beginner to expert there is something in this publication for everyone. Visit the web site of PAMPA and join up for their bi-monthly magazine, you wont regret it.
Robins View Productions This web site is packed with information, not only on the site itself but on the informative video tapes that Bob Hunt produces and edits. The video tape is by far the best medium to present the many detailed processes that the modeler encounters. If you cannot get to some of the contests or gatherings around the US these tapes will bring the action to you. The only drawback to video I can think of is the lack of burnt castor oil in the air, otherwise it's like you are there. Bob also produces the lost foam wing which is a built up wing that utilizes the cradle to position the balsa ribs. Bob Hunt can also be reached at his E-mail address

WINDY URTNOWSKI This web page covers a lot of material. Windy produces videos and hardware for the control line aerobatic pilot which are covered in this professional looking site. Windy is a top 5 flier at the Nationals ever since I can remember. His web site has some beautiful pictures of some of his concours winning airplanes.  Windy's E-mail address is








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