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Two years ago while talking to Jim Krueger on the phone he mentioned that I should make the trip to Oshkosh and help with Kid Venture. At the last minute I took him up on the offer and was sure glad I did. Never making the trip to Oshkosh before I wasn't sure what to expect as far as the Kid Venture or Air Venture was concerned. The two years I have gone to volunteer have been experiences that money could not have bought.

Although kids enjoy the regular air shows and planes on display they benefit from Kid Venture since they have many items on display that are interactive and geared toward them. Kids seem to love to climb on and experience the things around them with a hands on approach when it comes to learning. There are guest speakers in the museum and under the big tent by the museum, rocket building classes, model airplane building classes, R/C simulators and control line airplanes, which is where this group of volunteers comes in.

The group of volunteers shown below provided 2051 kids with a positive experience flying a control line airplane. Even an occasional crash was nothing to worry about. The object is to give them a taste and feel of what it is like to fly a control line airplane but not to teach them to fly. Although I personally had a few kids who kept coming back to fly multiple times who were getting the hang of it pretty quick. You can sort of tell which ones are going to go home and buy one of these planes and find a lifelong hobby. Occasionally a parent would come out to the handle for a flight and inevitably get dizzy while laughing the whole time. Each year I have had a parent fall over backwards from dizziness. 


Oshkosk Kid Venture 2002 Volunteers

The second workhorse behind the group of volunteers above was the Sig Sky Baby 1/2 A airplane pictured here. As you can see the Sky Baby has been repaired around the nose with fiberglass to get every last flight out of her. 

Some of the kids we fly seem concerned with the occasional crash of an airplane but they are reassured that there is an adequate supply under the fix up tent. 


Are we having fun yet? An experienced pit crew sure makes things run smooth. 

The student pilot was allowed to get the feel of the plane in flight and experienced climbing and diving the airplane after a few laps. 

It takes a few flights to get the hang of instructing since some of the kids tend to over control the airplane and you have to be ready to override their control inputs. Safety thongs are worn by the instructor so there is no chance of the airplane getting away. 



How many people can we get in a golf cart? This year Jim Krueger secured a golf cart to transport people to and from their parked cars and run errands. Sure saved our legs for important things like walking the flight line.




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